Speaker: Rev. Krista Taves

The Anatomy of Gratitude

We don’t have a lot of words for gratitude, but there are many different ways it is experienced. Gratitude can fill up, it can empty, it can pool up and overflow, it can sustain. It can bring peace or awe. It can inspire hope, contentment, … read more.

Inner Vocation, Outer Transformation

In Unitarian Universalism we see every life as a unique canvas upon which limitless possibilities play out. We raise our children to cherish their specialness and to honor the sacredness of all life. We hope that their essence can blossom and bless the world. In … read more.

Let Your Life Speak

In a society where paid labor often defines how we see ourselves and how we are seen by others, it’s important to say that vocation is not the same as job description. This is especially true when some of us have more freedom to shape … read more.

UU Service at Great River Folk Fest

Come to the north gate of Riverside Park; concert starts promptly at 9:30 a.m.. There is no entry fee, but at the concert’s conclusion at 10:30 a.m., you must either purchase a Sunday day pass, or exit. Rev. Krista Taves is facilitating this year’s service … read more.