Speaker: Rev. Krista Taves

Passover as a Community Organizing Strategy

As Christians begin Holy Week, Jews are preparing for Passover, which begins on Friday. The Passover Seder celebrates the journey of the Ancient Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. But it also offers much for those who strive for freedom today.

How to Answer Yes to Truth

We are in a crisis of truth, tempted pick and choose our facts as they suit short term goals that feel infinite in their magnitude. How do we choose truth when truth is inconvenient?

Letting Go When You’re Little

Powerlessness is a regular experience of childhood, with adults around them continuously setting the limits and boundaries. How do children understand this ongoing letting go and what can adults learn from their experience?

Terrible at Surrender

Most of us like to be in control. We prefer that life be explainable and logical and that things can be assigned to a place and stay there. But life isn’t usually like that. How do we get over being terrible at surrender so that … read more.

Grace for the Long Haul

The struggle for racial equity in this country continues, with harsh reminders of how strongly the injustices of the past still live with us today. We need to cultivate a mindful resilience so that we can embrace the reality of our history while working towards … read more.

Grace Rules

Poet, essayist and novelist Brian Doyle once wrote, “Grace is uncontrollable, arbitrary to our senses, apparently unmerited. It’s utterly free, ferociously strong, about as mysterious a thing as you could imagine. First rule of grace: grace rules.

Life can be awkward, chaotic, and bruising, so … read more.

Waging Peace

Peace is not a destination. It is a way of engaging every minute of every day. And yet, to expect ourselves to live this purely is a set up for failure. Join us for an exploration of how we live peacefully and imperfectly.

The Anatomy of Gratitude

We don’t have a lot of words for gratitude, but there are many different ways it is experienced. Gratitude can fill up, it can empty, it can pool up and overflow, it can sustain. It can bring peace or awe. It can inspire hope, contentment, … read more.