Hello everyone,

    Some of you may still have questions about what the next program year will look like after Rev. Bruce retires, so I am providing this update to help all of us prepare for what lies ahead. Starting in the Fall, we will be adjusting our Sunday service planning and will go back to being a Lay-Led Fellowship. This means that we will be leading ourselves rather than having a contracted UUA minister. This is a return to how we operated before Fall 2016 when we were fortunate enough to have the funds to hire Rev. Krista Taves. 

    With Rev. Bruce retiring at the end of June, we are going to go back to using a variety of speakers and ministers to inspire us for all Sunday mornings instead of having a UUA minister one Sunday per month. Our Sunday Service & Music Team will continue to plan services that connect us with our values, nourish our minds and spirits, and give us new insights. 

    The reason for this change is that we don’t currently have the funds to hire another ¼ time minister. This is partly because we are no longer receiving a couple of large donations gifted in previous years that made hiring a minister possible. So while the pledge drive was enough to budget our regular programs, we do not have enough to start a search for another UUA minister at this time. 

    However, never fear, we are solid enough to continue offering programs and activities that we have heard are important to most of you. In fact, we have room to grow even more! Rather than seeing this as a setback, we are finding inspiration in what we do have and looking forward to finding more creative ways to nurture our community. 

    I will continue to update you from time to time. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Yours in joyful service,
Donna Bauer
Board President

Important Reminders & Forms

Building Use 

Reservations for meeting spaces must be made through the Congregational Administrator (Click Here for Form) in advance. This includes Team/Committee meetings. 
Before leaving the building you should always:

  • Return chairs/tables to their original place if you moved them.
  • Close any blinds that you opened. 
  • Throw away any trash (use recycling bins when appropriate).
  • Wipe down any tables used. 
  • Put away and turn off any A/V equipment that was used. 
  • Set ventilation system for 2 hours.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Check that all doors are locked.

Weekly eNews Submissions

Have important news or an announcement you want included in the eNews? There are TWO easy ways that you can get your information to Heather!

     1. Email Heather directly at admin@uulacrosse.org
     2. Fill out the form at uulacrosse.org/submitnews

Please note that the deadline for each weekly eNews edition is Wednesday at 9 AM. If you send anything after this deadline, it will appear in next week’s eNews. 

Sunday Service Announcements Submissions

Have an announcement you want to share on Sunday morning? You should submit your announcement to Heather by Sunday morning (preferably before 9 AM). You can email announcements to Heather at admin@uulacrosse.org or use the form above. Depending on how many announcements we have that morning, we may shorten it or include it on the Order of Service.

Expense Reimbursement Requests

Looking for our Expense Reimbursement form? You can find a hardcopy in the office (ask Heather for assistance), and we also have an online version you can use: Online Form