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“Barbie, the Feminist?”

The Barbie movie became a blockbuster hit. The co-writer is a Unitarian Universalist. Rev Krista Taves explores the UU values embedded in the movie and whether Barbie can be a tool for liberation after all. Pink of all kinds is welcome and encouraged! 

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Joint Potluck & Poetry Service with Winona UUs

Join us at 10 am on Sunday, August 11 at Perrot State Park for a joint potluck and poetry service with the Winona UUs. Please bring a dish to pass, beverage, and utensils, as well as a favorite poem that relates to nature. We will … read more.

“Living with Soul”

What does it mean to live with soul? What experiences matter in life? Do we live only for those extraordinary high points that leave us elated and breathless? Or is there something more subtle, but important, that we need to pay attention to?

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Fellowship Potluck: “Dealing with Transition”

This Sunday we’re having a potluck! We will also use this time to follow-up on the June 23rd service on dealing with transitions, so we hope you’ll join us for good company, food, and conversation!

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“Saying Goodbye”

Everyone has a particular style of saying goodbye, a set pattern of disengaging from relationships. It stays remarkably consistent whether we’re saying farewell to a casual acquaintance, to a very deep friendship, a twenty-year marriage, or a twenty-year job, or finally to others at the … read more.