What I Learned About Prayer Being Raised by Humanists

I was raised in the midst of the golden age of humanism in post war (that’s WWII) Unitarian Universalism. Boy was I surprised when, as a young UU minister, I discovered a capacity for (humanist) prayer. Thanks to my parishioners who challenged me, I explored this innate urge more deeply and came to articulate it more clearly. I look forward to sharing some of my journey with you.

Ann Tyndall served as a Unitarian Universalist parish minister for 23 years, and for the past 16 years has been practicing Shambhala Buddhism. Ann and her partner Barbara moved to La Crosse when Gundersen hired Ann to be a chaplain in the Spiritual Care Department. In June she began working as a system wide bereavement coordinator for the Resolve Through Sharing bereavement program at Gundersen. She also enjoys the opportunity to do more teaching at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Minneapolis where she is a member.



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