Voting with Gratitude

Both political parties are in a full court press to get their folks out to vote. They plead to our self-interest. If we want to get our way in the nation, we have to vote for our candidates. It is all about win-lose. Many will not vote. They are indifferent. Or they are overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues; they may have heard of gerrymandering but do not understand it. Or they intended to vote later in the day, but something more important to them came up. For our nation to survive the great divisions of today, many more have to vote motivated by gratitude. This is extremely important. The survival of our nation depends upon it.

Vince writes for the Faith Page of the Tribune and is the coordinator of La Crosse interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder network which empowers people of all faiths to work together to end anti-Muslim sentiment by strengthening the voice of tolerance, freedom and peace.

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