Solar in Arizona

Check out this interesting solar project in Arizona designed to help address its major drought issue!

In a transformative move to combat water scarcity and harness renewable energy, the Gila River Indian Community, in collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers, has initiated a solar-over-canal project in the arid landscapes of Arizona, the Arizona Department of Water Resources announced.

With much of the state currently experiencing moderate to extreme drought conditions, this project aims to generate clean energy and address the critical issue of water evaporation in the region.

With a budget of $6.74 million, the project stands as the first of its kind in the United States, breaking ground on a concept that holds immense promise for sustainable energy solutions.

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Arizona’s solar-over-canal project will tackle its major drought issue

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Gila River Indian Community Signs Historic Agreement for Solar-Over-Canal Project | Arizona Department of Water Resources

GS team member, Alysa Remsburg came across this 10 minute Ted talk titled “How to Find Joy in Climate Action” that we are using as inspiration to tackle this concept of transformation.

Please give it a view and listen as it may be helpful to you as you ponder how you may best be involved in climate action!