congregational member and his daughterMembership at the Fellowship means that you are in sympathy with the values of our liberal religious tradition. You have decided that this is your spiritual home and that you wish to join in the covenant of beloved community.

Many members sign the membership book privately, other sign during Sunday Service. We celebrate our new members formally once a year. As a member, you have a right to be heard and to participate in making decisions about Fellowship life. This includes the right to vote at congregational meetings, the right to chair committees and to serve on the Board of Trustees. As a member, you may be elected to represent us at regional and national gatherings. Our members also have responsibilities. Together, we provide each other many opportunities for spiritual growth, personal transformation, and justice-making. Together we share the financial responsibility for our Fellowship and our regular presence at Fellowship gatherings is always a blessing. If you have children, they will grow up surrounded by loving, supportive adults who will support you in imparting your core values to them so that they can live them in their own way.