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Tip #10: Plant Trees and Reduce Deforestation!

In 2022, the world lost over 14 football fields of primary forest every minute (Global Forest Watch 2023). Image credit: Aspiration

Planting trees is one way to support reforestation, but you can also help reduce deforestation through choices that you make in your daily life. Not … read more.

Tip #9: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Calculate your personal carbon footprint and learn ways to help reduce it. Green Team member Carla Pena is offering workshops after the Sunday service once per month as needed to help you with this.  She also plans to provide a workshop for this at the Wyalusing … read more.

From the Chaplain’s Study #1: April 17, 2024

One of the most powerful and sacred experiences of hospital chaplains is companioning families through the process of deciding and arranging for the donation of a loved one’s organs. Typically, the patient has experienced a sudden and unexpected event – such as a traumatic injury … read more.

Minilogue #18: March 27, 2024

The indigenous Australian activist and artist, Lila Watson, is credited with the quote: “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”  She insists … read more.

Tip #8: BYOB! (Bring Your Own Bags)

Bring your own bags for shopping. Try to avoid plastic bags as much as possible. Any bag has an impact on the environment just from the manufacturing of it, but pollution from plastic bags tends to cause a lot more problems. Consider keeping a bag, … read more.

Tip #7: Learn to Live with Less Stuff

Learn to get along with less stuff! The Story of Stuff webpage has lots of animated shorts and documentaries that help explain the environmental significance of all that stuff. A great place to start is this animated film introducing “The Story of Stuff” which “exposes … read more.

Tip #6: Get Involved!

Get involved with a climate action and/or environmentally focused group! To learn more about how you can have a real impact on the future of climate justice, and why it’s important to get involved with local groups, check out the recording of Tom Schlesinger’s presentation … read more.

Minilogue #17: February 14, 2024

My first settled ministry was in Rutland, Vermont, a town nestled in a remote little valley just west of the Green Mountains. Rutland began as a marble quarrying and railroad center, but by the time I arrived there in 1983, the local economy was dominated … read more.

Tip #5: The Six Rs!

Everyone should keep these “6 Rs” in mind:

Rethink what you need, Reduce what you get, Reuse, Repurpose, or Repair what you can, and Recycle what’s left if possible, but do not put stuff in the recycling container that is not supposed to be in … read more.

Tip #4: Reduce Junk Mail

Reduce the amount of junk mail that you receive.  Learn about three ways that you can use to stop junk mail in Climate Advice Columnist Michael J. Coren’s article The Washington Post (Click Here for Link). The first part of the article covers the … read more.