Tip #12: Don’t throw your food scraps out with the trash.

It’s a much better and more sustainable practice to compost your food scraps.  An especially effective and climate friendly way to do this is by using red worms to help with the process.  Speaking from experience, this can be a very rewarding process.  However, it does require some attention to detail and management.  Jill Rippe is planning to lead a workshop on vermicomposting, (composting with the help from worms), later this year.

If you live in an apartment, you can still do vermicomposting on a small scale.

If you are not interested in composting or are in a situation where it’s just not practical and you live in the city of La Crosse, you can bring your food scraps to the yard waste site and they will be added to the compost process going on there.  Click Here and scroll down to the “Organics/Food Waste” section for more information on that process.

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