What To Expect On Sunday Mornings

On any given Sunday at 10 a.m., you may find:

An interesting presentation that might, for example:

  • Call us to act to improve racial justice
  • Educate us about mental illness or poverty
  • Inspire us from messages of a variety of spiritual traditions
  • Encourage us to deepen our connection to all the people of our area

Reverend Krista Taves, who leads Sunday services once or twice monthly, often speaks to current issues and to our UU history and our basic principles and values.

Coming together each week gives us an opportunity to connect with others who share the sense that the dogma in traditional mainstream religion is a barrier and that we can form and strengthen our values best in conversation with others.

Families participate together in the first part of the service. There usually is a Story for All Ages, and then breakout groups for younger participants.

For more information, contact [Name, email, phone # of Leader of Sunday Service & Music Team]


Prior to Services

June through July, we begin at 9 a.m., and the rest of the year at 10 a.m.
People typically arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the services. People gather in the lobby and Fellowship Hall as a greeting and socializing area. Greeters will be available in the lobby prior to and after services to answer questions, and to introduce you to others if you wish. There are brochures and other information available by the Welcome Table. Coffee, tea and treats are served after all services in the area behind the front of the meeting room. You will be invited to fill out a nametag and an optional Guest Information Card, so we can get you the information you are looking for.

Children’s Religious Education and Care

Children are very welcome to stay with their parents if that is the family’s preference, but we hope they don’t miss out on the fun and inspiration available in our religious education classes. The fellowship highly values our vibrant religious education program where all children are welcome to join in the appropriate class or group. Nursery care is offered for children from birth to three years of age is available beginning 15 minutes before the start of each regular service.
Children start in the Sanctuary with their parents at each service during the program year. There will be an all-ages portion of the service and then they will leave with their classes.

What are Sunday services like?

Services are communal times that allow everyone ample time to participate as they wish. You will be offered an Order of Service as you enter the Sanctuary.

Services generally follow the same order, including hymns, the sharing of joys and concerns, receiving of an offering for the congregation or a group beyond our walls, silent meditation or prayer, special music, an inspirational message, and a time for the congregation to share responses to the message. Services do vary, so make sure you check out several! Services might be led by leaders in our community or one of our members, and two services will be led by our Consulting Minister, the Rev. Krista Taves. Upcoming service information can be found here.

After the Service

We encourage visitors to meet with fellowship members and friends after each service, for conversation and to answer any questions. Members and friends are happy to meet with you, to share impressions and experiences, and to welcome you to a congregation that encourages each person’s unique spiritual journey.

If you are looking for a faith community that helps you grow spiritually and a place where you can create meaningful friendships, you have found it!

Come As You Are

Please feel free to come as you are most comfortable. Some people come each week dressed up while others are very casual. This atmosphere extends beyond mere clothing, as we welcome all seekers.


Parking is in the lot behind our building and along the surrounding streets. If you need a ride to any of our services or events, contact Emmy at coordinator@uulacrosse.org and we will try to arrange transportation for you.


We want everyone to be comfortable, so our building and grounds are designed to be inclusive of all.
Wheelchair-accessible doors in the front and rear of the building

  • No steps on the main level
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Large print hymnals
  • Chairs with arms for extra support