October’s Special Collection

Last year the Coulee Region Hunger Walk made over $14,000 which went to Hunger Task Force, WAFER and other community non-profit food agencies. This year the 2ND annual Coulee Region Hunger Walk is going virtual. This year the event includes walking, running and biking. The event goes from October 4th to October 11th. To participate you can go to the Couleeregionregionhungerwalk.org website to register your team and donate. You can also print a pledge sheet. Any contributions can be donated on the website or you can mail your pledges to Coulee Region Hunger Walk at 549 Fairway Creek Drive, Onalaska 54601 or you can call 608-385-5422 to have your pledge donations picked up.

Registered team members will be emailed a week before the event with a link to print a bib which can then be worn while participating in the event. There’s also an opportunity to share photos from the Coulee Region Hunger Walk by going to couleeregionhungerwalk@gmail.com.