“What the Buddha Taught and We Imagined”

The teachings of the historic Buddha summed up as Diagnosis and Treatment. But then what? How does the “Buddha Way” actually work day to day, moment by moment?

How is it related to what we call “psycho-therapy”?

After Buddha finished teaching, the human imagination took over transforming his spare original teachings into a world religion. What has been gained and lost in the process? What distinguishes 21st century Buddhism in North America?

Rev. Ted Tollefson has served as parish and community-based minister in Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1980. He taught World Religions at United Theological Seminary for 20 years and has taught psychology at Metropolitan State University for 26 years. He lives with his wife Kristen in Frontenac, MN and still practices the Buddha Way. You’ll find his poems and stories on Facebook: Ted E Tollefson.

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