“Water Speaks: Reflecting” with Phlaurel Strand-Crawford

When speaking with another, is it possible to remain aware of inseparability? What if you consciously disagree? (About important things?!) Science shows that it makes a difference what part of the listener is doing the listening. So then, the question arises: what helps one to listen from a place of inseparable interconnection? This is the question that brought a duck-shaped member of the independent press out to investigate across lines. Today’s speaker will share both the findings and the practice: Listening from & to the Water we share.

In 2004, Phlaurel completed a Peace and Conflict program in Ireland; this opened doors to daily meditation, yoga practice, dance therapy, and other healing arts focusing on transforming conflict from within. Phlaurel also holds a BS in Human Development and Psychological Services and has worked with youth of all ages coping with trauma, emotional/behavioral disturbances, and cognitive/developmental delays.” More recently, Phlaurel has been active with the water protectors and other justice work in Minnesota.

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