“Lying Fallow” with Rev. Lisa Friedman (Presented by UU Minnetonka)

We will be joining the Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka service this morning via Zoom! In addition to this, we will have some of our own service elements afterwards in the Sanctuary. You can join us in the Sanctuary, or you can join Minnetonka’s Zoom from home.

In ancient rhythms of farming the land, fields are left to lie fallow for a time to rest and regenerate. But the fallow season is not idle beneath the summer grass and flowers; connections are made slowly to what nourishes us most. What would it mean to welcome a fallow season into our own lives?

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After Service Information

We will participate in this Zoom service and then we will do our own announcements and joys and sorrows after. Please stay in the building or online so that you can hear about all that is happening in the fellowship and support others in their joys and concerns. We will use our regular Zoom Link for this, so please switch over to our Zoom meeting room after the service ends. The link will be provided in the chat, but it is here as well.

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