Service of Remembrance and Healing

This unique service is a time for remembrance of loved ones who have died. Their death may have occurred years ago, and yet we want to remember them. Or, perhaps the death is more recent and we have a need to grieve and heal. Together we can do this in a heartfelt ceremony that includes lighting candles for those we want to remember, honor and grieve. It is helpful if you bring a photo or small memento to be placed on the altar of candles. Thank you in advance for taking part in this.

Reverend Dean Staffanson has served terminally ill patients and their families for fifteen years as a hospice chaplain for the Gundersen Health System. Dean is also a member of this fellowship and very thankful for their endorsement of his community ministry. He is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minster, and received his Master of Divinity from the Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana.