“On Being Human”

It can be argued that religious community is where we come to figure out what it means to be human. But what is it that truly distinguishes us from plants and other animals? Drawing on both Eastern and Western philosophy, we will explore a few options to bring depth and meaning to our understanding of our essential nature, perhaps even elevating our experience of our daily life from mundane to mythic.

Rev. Leslie Mills grew up in the Milwaukee region as a third-generation UU. She spent time working in a youth program in a science museum before attending seminary at United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities and then was a settled minister in Elgin, IL before returning to the Twin Cities to live. She has been active in the PrairieStar District and MidWest Leadership School. She is an artist, a musician, and a practitioner of aikido martial arts and has a long history of activism in various social justice movements.

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