“Mindfulness in Ramadan: Self-Reflection and Nurturing the Soul”

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has a profound significance beyond its religious observance. Ramadan extends beyond the mere act of fasting for 30 days from dawn to dusk; it is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This sacred time invites us to explore the transformative power within, embracing mindfulness and nurturing our soul through thoughtfulness and self-reflection. Join me as we navigate the essence of Ramadan, discovering how focusing on personal growth, compassion, and kindness towards all creations can bring us closer to the Creator.

Dr. Mateen Abidi is a physician specializing in cardiology at Gundersen Health System, La Crosse. Born and raised in a rural town in Pakistan, she defied the odds to secure a place in a prestigious medical school in Karachi, setting the stage for a remarkable journey in the field of medicine. Overcoming challenges, Dr. Abidi ventured to the United States 24 years ago after getting married, determined to pursue her postgraduate medical training. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to her profession has defined her career. Hailing from a humble background in a rural area of Pakistan, Dr. Abidi and her family made the life-changing decision to call Wisconsin home in 2011. Rooted in a desire to raise her family in a supportive environment and contribute to underserved rural communities, she has become an integral part of the healthcare landscape in the region.

Beyond her medical achievements, Dr. Abidi is a loving wife and mother, celebrating 24 years of marriage and raising two boys aged 22 and 13. Balancing the demands of her profession with her dedication to family, she finds joy in the culinary arts, indulging in her passion for cooking during leisure moments. Dr. Abidi also nurtures a love for travel, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes to enrich her perspective.

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