Civil Rights in the Age of Religious Refusal

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Sam Grover will discuss how modern cries for “religious freedom” in the United States are being made not in defense of religious thought, but as an attack on the civil rights of marginalized groups, especially the LGBTQ community. This weaponization of “religious freedom” is a powerful political tool that is quickly gaining legitimacy under the guidance of the new Supreme Court. Come discuss how best to protect social progress in an age of regressive religious doublespeak.

Sam Grover is an atheist activist and attorney for the national Freedom From Religion Foundation. He has litigated multiple cases challenging government promotion of religion and the censorship of free-thought, including an ongoing suit against the House of Representatives for discriminating against the nonreligious in its opening prayer practice, and a free speech case against Texas Governor Greg Abbott for censoring a free-thought display in the Texas Capitol. Originally from Vermont, the least religious state in the country, Sam joined the free-thought movement to combat the use of religious ideology as cover for regressive policies that deter social progress. Today Sam will talk about how the principle of religious freedom has been corrupted as a tool to discriminate against marginalized groups, historically against racial minorities and women, and presently against LGBTQ people.