Flower Communion with Rev. Leslie Mills

Join us for a very special Flower Communion service with Rev. Leslie Mills! In this tradition crafted by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek nearly 100 years ago in Czechoslovakia, each person brings a flower to the service, and then leaves with a flower different from the one they brought. Please bring a flower to share! All are welcome to participate — the beauty of our gathered bouquet can only be enhanced! We will also be celebrating all of the amazing, indispensable work that our volunteers do for our Fellowship this Sunday, so please join us in thanking the many people who work so hard for our community!

In addition to all of this, this Sunday will also be Rev. Leslie’s last service with our Fellowship. Please join Committee on Ministry in celebrating Leslie’s 2 years of service with UU La Crosse. We invite you share a message with Leslie as we wish her well and reflect on our time together. You can do this one of three ways:

1) Attend Sunday Service in person on 6/5, and there will be blank cards to write a message on.
2) Attend Sunday Service on 6/5 via Zoom, and send a direct message in the chat to Rachel Messmer, and she will record it on a card on your behalf.
3) Email Committee on Ministry at com@uulacrosse.org by 6/3, and we will record this on a card for you.

We recommend writing a message about any memories you may have, a message of gratitude, well wishes, things you want her to remember, or anything else you wish to add. The team will then collect all these messages and send them with Leslie as a gift from the fellowship. In addition to cake that is being provided to thank volunteers after the 6/5 service, we will also be providing some light snacks and would encourage members and friends to stick around to socialize and extend gratitude to Reverend Leslie.

Hope to see you there!

For information about attending in person, links to Zoom login info, Sunday’s Order of Service, Online Giving and more click here –> linktr.ee/uulacrosse