“Developing the Power of Awareness and Equanimity – No Matter What Arises” with Jennie Williford

Jennie Williford will tell her story of coming to Vipassana Meditation and how it has helped her feel more firm and stable within the face of life’s experiences, developing compassion for the human condition and the personal suffering we all may experience. She will discuss in brief the foundations of the Vipassana practice : sīla- moral conduct, samādhi – concentration of the mind, and paññā – wisdom and insight. The foundation for these three aspects of practice are developed within the 10-day course taught by S.N. Goenka required to learn the technique of Vipassana, and strengthened with daily practice.

Jennie Williford has recently settled in LaCrosse, WI via Texas, Illinois, and Montana. She began her practice of Vipassana Meditation in 2005 at Dhamma Siri near Dallas, TX. After her move to Rockford, IL she became a “local server” at Dhamma Pakasa in Pecatonica for almost 10 years. Now in LaCrosse, she hopes to grow awareness and community around Vipassana, which right now is not well known here. Vipassana Meditation became her mode of meditation practice after years of trying other techniques. She has been a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher since 2004 and currently teaches at The Yoga Place here in LaCrosse. Both practices are complimentary disciplines that follow traditional techniques and teachings much unchanged from their cultural and spiritual origins. Vipassana and Iyengar Yoga also feed into Jennie’s background of anthropology and science with their practical and step-by step approaches.

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