Fellowship Meeting: A Celebration of Congregational Well-Being

Fellowship Meeting: A Celebration of Congregational Well-Being


Sunday, January 17, 2021    
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


Online on Zoom
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The term well-being resonates for me but I had a pause when attaching it to a meeting for our congregation to review the status of our completed stewardship campaign and our 2021 budget. Doesn’t it seem a little dissonant to claim well-being after the year we’ve all had? Some among us are suffering with physical, financial, and emotional challenges. Still, the truth remains: we have much to celebrate at UU La Crosse when we look at our organization: we have big spots of well-being and resiliency. We were able to pass a 2021 budget that gave our Teams all of the financial resources they requested in the August draft budget, gives our staff a 2% cost of living increase, and maintains our programs and mission. Our Stewardship Campaign shows that we have strong bonds with each other and an affinity for the success of this organization: Over 92% of our 2020 pledges were paid by the beginning of December and people responded quickly and willingly to our 2021 stewardship campaign. Even in these uncertain times, 38% of our pledgers maintained their contribution level from last year and 49% increased their contribution. While our conditional campaign to increase ministry to ¾ time did not reach the mark needed to make that increase, the response showed that we are growing into the will to make that increase in some future year. There’s more to tell: join the Board at noon on Sunday, January 17th on Zoom (link coming later) to hear about our recent stewardship campaign and our 2021 budget and to participate in a celebration of our Fellowship.

UU La Crosse is also a place where you can focus on your personal well-being. Our Board, Committee on Ministry, and Member Services Team are just a few of the groups that have been talking about spiritual care this fall. Spiritual care is simply the act of joining with another human being to acknowledge the specifics of your well-being: to mull over the questions in your heart; celebrate a joy; learn of additional resources, books, or programs that speak to your life; or share a burden on your heart. You can find spiritual care at UU La Crosse by participating in some of our small group ministries, reaching out to our caregiver and connections coordinators, or by contacting Rev. Leslie. Research shows that the cold winter month after the holidays can be a time in which the lack of personal well-being can be especially acute. Rev. Leslie will only be preaching one Sunday Service in January and has reserved the rest of her time with us for the month to be available for additional spiritual care. Please reach out to her as one source of professional, warm, open, and loving energy in your journey.

In Fellowship and Gratitude,

Marilyn Huckenpoehler
Board President


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