Hope and Realism in Difficult Times

Thomas Paine wrote that times of crisis test our souls. They also test our religious ideas and practices. Over the years I’ve spoken and written several times about hope. In recent months, the coronavirus crisis has increased both the anxiety and boredom in my life, disrupted my habits, canceled many of my plans, and made it much harder to imagine the future with any specificity. So this might be a good time to take stock of my beliefs about hope, to see how (or if) they’re working for me.

Doug Muder is a retired mathematician, a contributing editor of “UU World”, and the author of the political blog “The Weekly Sift”, which posts new articles every Monday. Though he lives in Bedford, Massachusetts and is a member of First Parish in Bedford, Doug grew up in Quincy, Illinois and has spoken at the Unitarian Church of Quincy many times.

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