“Hashtags Don’t Start Movements”

From MLK to BLM, the movement for civil rights has deep roots in our human need to come together and claim our collective power for liberation. Over the years, the face of the movement has shifted from a single charismatic man to a vast network of changemakers working collaboratively. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter may have raised our awareness, but it didn’t start the movement. We have inherited this centuries-old movement for building justice, equity, and compassion into the very foundations of our communities — so what do we do with our power?

Rev. Leslie Mills grew up in the Milwaukee region as a third-generation UU. She spent time working in a youth program in a science museum before attending seminary at United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities and then was a settled minister in Elgin, IL before returning to the Twin Cities to live. She has been active in the PrairieStar District and MidWest Leadership School. She is an artist, a musician, and a practitioner of aikido martial arts and has a long history of activism in various social justice movements.

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