The Seven Principles

In Unitarian Universalism, we have Seven Principles that form a covenant — or sacred agreement — about how we will strive to be together and work to build the Beloved Community. But did you know that the field of economics has seven principles as well? … read more.

Know Your Place

When it comes to racial justice, what does it mean to “know your place?” Some see it as a phrase with an oppressive and violent racially-charged history. Others seek to know their place so they might be better engaged and connected in the work of … read more.

UN Sunday

UN 2020 Theme–“All in for Climate Justice: People, Power, Planet”

More info coming soon!

What Now?

The election is over, hallelujah. But the wounds that have divided our country are far from healed. Given what is happening this week and in the months to come, what do we do now? Join us for a reflective service to help heal this hurting … read more.