“Practicing a Life”

Mindfulness, contemplation, meditation, and prayer are all words to name ways we might practice living more intentionally. We will explore multiple practices as well as the ways in which many practices may point us toward how to better listen to our lives and to one … read more.

“The Stories We Tell”

It has been quite a year (or more), and so much has happened that we might struggle to find words to talk about it. But we may discover that the way we tell our stories matters — both to the people listening, and to our … read more.

“Flower Communion”

Join us for this joyful Unitarian Universalist ritual! In this tradition crafted by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek nearly 100 years ago in Czechoslovakia, each person brings a flower to the service, and then leaves with a flower different from the one they brought. All are … read more.